Lady Saphiranel

 Did I mention that my daughter is an artist too? 
She has inherited the talent that my mom and grandmother has passed down to me and my sisters. 
This is her latest project for art class in school.
She allowed me to record her progress and share it with you.

Lady Saphiranel
plotting and beginning colors
(all her work is freehand)
filling out the dress


she used colored pencil, watercolor on a paper board
My other kids are artist too but have sadly put it away for jobs and other things.  
This is a school art project that my son did in high school a while back.
he’s a good abstract and technical artist

6 thoughts on “Lady Saphiranel”

  1. I love it! Good for her. I always enjoy coming here and I've decided to pass along a blog award to you to prove it. Come get it – but you'll have to cut and paste it if you want it on your blog. Regardless I'm a big fan of your blog.



  2. How great that it runs in the family. My mother was artistic and both of my sisters and I got into art. I'm the only one still involved, though. Both of my daughters are also artistic, but they don't think they are, so they deny it and don't use their art much. It's a great outlet for creativity. I hope they go back to it someday.


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