Downtime at the Garden Center, Robin’s nest update…

Rain is forecasted today and all the Garden Center customers have scattered leaving us with a little time to breath. The mad rush to get the vegetable plants and other garden supplies has come to all but a screeching halt.
Our new mascot, now known as the GC Robin, is also enjoying the extra peace and quiet. We’ve moved most of the flower baskets out of the greenhouse, leaving her’s with a note attached that the basket is occupied and is not for sale.

GC Robin, keeping a wary eye on me

It’s a little tricky keeping her Fuchsia alive though. I’m able to keep it watered by trickling the hose into the side of the basket without getting the nest wet. Of course this pisses her off and she yells at me, but soon gets over it.

Tomato aisle- customer free
Josh hamming it up for the camera

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