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Whole Lotta Blowin’ and a Snowin’

Welcome January, welcome 2014, welcome winter storm Ion….
Didn’t we do this last year?

It’s pretty to look at, out the window, while inside my warm living room with a hot cup of coffee in my hands, but alas, as this little Junco was trying to tell me, the bird feeders weren’t going to refill themselves (I think he was tired of eating the thistle and wanted his sunflower seeds).
Okay, Hubby and I had to dig out the walk and driveway anyway, so I might as well take my camera out before we got started.


I took the Labs out with me and Daisy, being the fun loving dog she is, took off like a shot, racing around the yard like a crazy fool.
Annie on the other hand, wanted no part of the cold and snow and wanted back in right away. I don’t blame the old girl.

can I come in now?


super dog!
After filling the feeders and getting a boot full of snow, Hubby joined me and we took a little walk to enjoy the winter wonderland, taking hyper dog with us.
are we going for a walk?

It was short walk. The road was un-plowed and the snow deep. Not to mention the wind was cold and howling, blowing the snow in our faces. We only made it about a quarter of the way down the road before turning back. Hibernating sounded more fun than freezing in the wind.

The snow was a foot deep on South Saddler rd
snow was heavy in the trees but blowing out quickly
Back home


We hurried up and cleaned off the cars and shoveled out the drive then spent the rest of the afternoon in the warm house
after a slice down the drive with the snow blower

Yep, the snow was pretty, but I’m soooo ready for spring, especially when the forecast calls for -10 for the high tomorrow!
Happy winter everyone and I hope your new year is a good one!

Happier Than a Pig in ………

This is Steve, my hubby. He’s a John Deere mechanic. He loves to fix things. And being a mechanic who loves to fix things, he has acquired over the past 30 years quite an assortment of “fixer up” lawn mowers. He has a different lawn mower for every week of the month ( I even have my own lawn mower).
Now, here’s the dilemma he had. At our old house, we had a little tiny yard (most of it, ahem, garden) and it took about 5 whole minutes to cut the lawn.
You see, this mechanic also loves to cut grass. He loves it so much he would offer to cut the neighbors grass when he was done with our yard and then the vacant house’s grass across the street.
So when we moved into our new house, with it’s huge yard, well, you can probably imagine the joy he was feeling.
It now takes him over an hour on the rider to mow his lawn and swear I saw him grinning the whole time.
Happy Mowing Dear!
(…and after this shot, I looked out the window to see him cutting the neighbors strip of lawn across the street!)

Granny’s Furry Friends

My Grandmother loved animals and made sure any visitors to her yard were well taken care of.
This consisted of numerous birds, red squirrels (the fattest I’ve ever seen) a little gray squirrel and three cats. While staying at her house in Oregon, we got to meet a few of them.

The three cats weren’t her cats but they weren’t strays either, at least two of them anyway. The third one, who was camera shy, was a rough looking tom cat. He might of been a stray. But these two, looked well cared for. They showed up everyday, morning, noon and evening, for a meal of cat food on a paper plate on the patio. We think they belonged to someone and was coming to Granny for their 2nd meals.
When we looked out the patio doors every morning, this is what we saw…

Lilac Kitty and Calico patiently waiting for breakfast.
Okay, maybe not so patiently

Granny kept their cat food and paper plates on a little table by the door. There was also a jar of shelled almonds. These were for the squirrels. We threw out a handful and they wasted no time coming to get them.

one of the red squirrels


little grey squirrel

I would almost bet they would come inside to get their almonds if we left the door open.

this is where they sit and beg for their almonds. The tree box is outside the dining room window.

Very spoiled squirrels. No wonder. Most squirrels just get peanuts!
They even got along with the cats. Lilac Kitty just sat there and watched the squirrel eat his almonds and the squirrel paid him no mind!

Even the Stellars Jays came for breakfast! They must have been waiting because as soon as We threw out the almonds, they swooped down and gobbled up as many as they could swallow. I had to throw out several more handfuls before they let the squirrels eat.

They were quick and I only caught one on camera.

There was a lot of love in my Grandmother’s garden.  Not only could you see it, you could feel it too!
She will be missed.

 Close up of Lilac kitty (as close as she would allow).

for those who couldn’t find the kitty in the picture on my earlier post, I pointed her out for you below. She was hard to see….



Lilac Kitty had had enough of my picture taking!


Grandma’s Helpers

Sean and Daisy were helping me water the potted plants but they decided it would be more fun to sprinkle each other…

Sadly summer’s winding down. I can’t believe it’s August already. The day’s are getting shorter and school registration is upon us. I wish summer could go on forever.
At least we haven’t had a shortage of humming birds this year. I had to add two more feeders to keep up (total of five now). I have two who are constantly fighting over all the feeders, and one that lets me know when his favorite feeder is empty. He flies right up to me, hovering only a foot from my face, chattering.
Hopefully I’ll get a picture of him soon. All of them are camera shy so far.