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Snow Oak

Another two inches of snow early this morning. It looks pretty, but I’m ready for spring.

 At least I know the deer are still around. One of them chewed down my variegated dogwood against the house. Nice to know they’re not starving this year. this one looks nice and fat under all that fur.

Bald Cypress Cone Hunting

I want to grow a few bald cypress’ for my yard next spring,
so we went cone hunting Saturday.
The bald cypress is so named because it is one of the few cypress’
that loose their leaves in the fall

My source tree. Lovely orange fall color- though most of the leaves are gone.
This tree is loaded – no climbing though, tons of cones were already on the ground.
Cones are small and sticky, smelling strongly of turpentine. Seeds are the amber colored chunks inside the broken cone.
I think I got enough – maybe…

I’ll plant them now, letting winter do the stratifying for me and have little saplings by spring!