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and now ~something domestic

A few years ago, a friend of mine rekindled my interest in crocheting. 
I had learned how at church when I was around fourteen,  
made a few simple things here and there and one basic striped afghan, 
but never really got into it. 
My friend is a crocheting queen. 
She was always crocheting and made some beautiful afghans and dollies and was very fast at it.
Anyway, I got the itch to crochet again, 
borrowed a hook, a few books, bought some yarn and made a zigzag afghan.
It took a few weeks, but I got it done. I was hooked again (yeah, yeah, corny I know). 
Now all the kids have their own custom afghan.
After that I wanted to give dollie making a try. 
My first attempt was a small yellow one that turned out okay and I gave away before I took a picture.
This is my second dollie
The small round thingy beside this one is a quarter 
( I apologize for the fuzzy quality of the picture~ it was with my old camera )
I used a pattern from a Crochet World magazine that actually “showed” each stitch~ 
it was easier for me to comprehend at the time. 
It took me a little over a week to make this one~ working a couple of hours each night. 
There are a few tiny mistakes that probably only I can notice, but I had fun making it.
And of course, I gave this one away too.