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Illinois Railway Museum

4th of July at the Train Museum
Our family took a little trip to Union IL to see and ride restored antique trains and street cars.
(this is an annual event for us)
We had a lot of fun, got lots of pictures (lots and lots of pictures!) and a little sunburn as well~
so without further ado ( and little words), here’s our version of the vacation slide show….
~Oh, and we’d like to thank our son Chris for his Military discount! ~
(love that place!)
Here’s a link for more info about the Museum:
built 1948 ~ Chicago Transit Authority 4391 ~ aka “crowd swallower… people load in the back doors while people unload out the front…
Inside 4391~ very nice, I say we bring these back to the cities!
Hey Look! It’s the trolley from Mr. Rogers!
Electric street car’s power source… the conductor has to manually hang out the window and position this on the wire using the white rope ~ every time they change direction
Delaware Lackawanna & Western 567~ 1914 coach
hallway of tiny sleeping berths~ very tight!
one of the more luxurious booths
Can you imagine traveling crosscountry in this little booth? that chair opens up to a bed and that little purple seat is your toilet!
Happy diners of the era~ picture was taken in a similar dining car as below
dining car
view into a restored 1800’s dining car
early 1900’s electric street car
conductor’s station- when the car changes direction, so does the conductor
early advertising
O scale model railroad
This is cool! did I mention we also like model trains?
plenty of old railroad station signs everywhere
Yard engine moving an interurban
Lots and lots of train depot art (they just don’t put the detail into the buildings like they used to!