Ready to Bloom!

May is almost over and the weather can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to be hot or cold!
Today is cold and rainy, but regardless, everything in the garden continues to progress.
( I couldn’t wait until the blooms were fully open, so here’s a preview~
sometimes the buds themselves are just as interesting as the flowers!)
I just love this little shrub’s dainty flowers~

Purple Ninebark,  Physocarpus opulifolius Diablo

ready to pop!

leaf detail
I really do like the purple leaved plants!  Here, my penstemon, Husker’s Red, is getting ready.

Okay, I cannot remember the name of this hosta and of course I lost the label! Sissy, help me out here! It was one of D&J’s last year or the year before!

The first bloom to pop open on my William Baffin- Canadian series shrub rose, ordered from Jung’s seeds catalouge about eight years ago.  It’s a loose climber about 8 feet tall and closer to a wild rose.  A bit of advice for anyone planting one~ while pretty, it can be a monster and needs plenty of room!

Here’s a clematis that I forgot the name of as well! I also forgot to cut this and all of my other clematis’ back this year- so there is a lot of dead brown vines tangled in with the new- but it’s really full this year and bloomed earlier as a result.

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