Climbing Nasturtiums

In a wild corner of my yard grows a wonderful little annual.
I religiously order seeds from one of my favorite catalogs~
“Pinetree Garden Seeds”
they don’t actually cling or wrap around but just sort of grow along anything that will support them.  
I’ve had them reach close to twenty feet before the frost gets them here. 
The seed catalog recommends that if you are ever in Boston, you must visit the Gardner Museum “to see the single minded, eclectic collection, listen to the music and see the old fashioned nasturtium baskets trailing their vines some fifty feet to the ground.”
I have yet to try them in hanging baskets (I will someday, I keep telling myself), but for now I’m just happy to watch them scamper carefree through the wild places in my yard.

6 thoughts on “Climbing Nasturtiums”

  1. Hello, Lil! Just finished the inventory for your store and looked for the business card you gave me, a while back.
    Beautiful blog from a beautiful person! I will continue to follow you and your varied interests!
    Your Warm Weather Friend!


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