Barn # 9

Out of all the barns and events at the Illinois Railway Museum, our favorite place to visit is Barn # 9.

Train of the Goddesses
 It houses all the Old Steam engines ~ waiting to be restored ~ a few Diesel, and electric engines and best of all, it is where the Nebraska Zephyr is housed.O


We can spend hours just perusing up and down the isles, 
looking and touching these now silent metal giants.
I took around 500 pictures on this visit.


So rather than fill this blog with all of them, here are few of my favorites….
Barn # 9 with the Zephyr in her stall

Can you imagine seeing and hearing this giant in operation?

Burlington Northern Diesel

among giants

a giant electric engine

collecting dust and cobwebs

the mechanic side kicking in….

The Nebraska Zephyr and her cars were not in operation this visit which was a little disappointing because we look forward to  riding it every year. 
But we found out she is going on a special trip soon. 
She’ll be joining America’s Railroad Celebration in Rock Island, IL.  
these signs are posted on the barn wall about the Zephyr



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