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Finally get to see a Luna Moth

Luna Moth (Actias luna)

 I’ve seen them in pictures and documentaries on TV, but have never seen one in real life until now.
Almost the size of my hand (of course I forgot to put my hand next to it for comparison!) and is truly a beautiful pale green. It’s is also fuzzy.
This one is hanging on my front storm door. Too bad it didn’t pick something nicer looking for this picture like a flower or a shrub, but I think if I tried to move it, I would’ve lost my photo opportunity. 
Curious, I did a little research and found that after hatching from the cocoon, it doesn’t eat, having no mouth parts and lives only a week, long enough to mate and lay eggs.  

The Luna Moth is one of the largest moths in North America
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The Nationals Came to Town!

The NHRA came to Joliet this weekend. Hubby and I spent Friday night smelling Nitro and holding our ears! It was great fun! I took over 400 photos and managed not to get a really bad sunburn! 
Here’s just a few of my favorite shots (it’s going to take me days to go through all those photos!)

scraping the rubber

even the pit crew thought it was loud

heating up the tires

warm and humid but still a beautiful day for the races

starting the cars and prepping to go

lining up to go

Steve would just love to get his hands on that engine

John Force


Is it Really Spring This Time?

Painted Lady sipping breakfast from North Star cherry blossoms

The sun is shining, the air is warm, the grass is green and the Garden Center was Crazy Busy yesterday…
I think, I Hope…
YES! It’s finally here! Let the gardening begin!

Rising Waters

A little creek by my house that feeds into the Illinois River, usually not this high- They closed the road shortly after this shot.
We were fortunate. We were high enough above the Illinois river in our part of Morris. But for those in Marseilles, Seneca, and Ottawa who lost everything,  may God Bless them with strength and courage as they recover from their loses. And God bless the angels who donated their time and services to the flood victims. Your reward will be great!

Are We Sure it’s Spring?

The calendar says it’s spring. The weatherman keeps saying it’s spring. There are robins and turkey buzzards everywhere… so why did I freeze my butt off setting up the garden center today?
I don’t think it made it over 23 degrees today- and let’s not even mention the windchill!  And to think this time last year it was 80 degrees!
Okay Mother Nature, we get it. You are a master prankster. The best of the best! Now can we Please have our usual Spring?

While we are waiting, here’s a pretty Peony blossom from my old garden, in Warm Weather…