I’ve Been Adopted!

I’m now the proud mama of a Juvenile brown headed cowbird!
while this is not the actual bird, this is what he looks like. I didn’t have a camera with me at work
All afternoon, the little bird followed me as I worked in the garden center, walking back an forth around my cart as I pruned and organized perennials, pecking at bugs and listening to me talk to him. It was slow tonight so I didn’t have to worry about him getting under foot around customers, though I did have to make sure I knew where he was before I moved.  And like a good mama should, I was knocking Japanese Beetles off the plants and on to the ground for him where he feasted his little heart out, pausing every once in a while for a quick little nap. This went on til closing time. 
It started to get dark and I was getting ready to leave, but he was getting sleepy and wanted to stay near me. This of course made me feel bad, so I left  him sleeping by my cart while I hurried and locked up. He was still sitting on the ground when I got done, but I didn’t want him to sit out in the open all night, so I had to finally shoo him under the racks and told him it was time to roost and I’ll see him when I come back.  
Okay, Yes, he’s just a bird- but it’s hard to get rid of that mothering instinct!
I think my little guy here might have been blown in on the storm we had Monday morning. 
I know he’s been here since then. 

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