Last Minute Gift Idea!

Happy Pills!
You’ll need:
M & M’s
Old timey glass canning jar with bail
Business cards for printer & publishing software
(optional but helpful)
Printer Paper, Printer, Glue, hole punch, scissors
ribbon to decorate,embroidery thread for hang tag
Save below pictures to your computer, you will have to reduce size 
(this is where the publishing software comes in handy!)
Use buisness cards as a hang tag. You will have to print both sides.
Print out another label on printer paper to 
trim and glue to the glass~ use a sticker or mailing label templet for this one. 
You won’t be able to wash the jar without losing your label though!
Have Fun and Merry Christmas!
right click, save image as
right click, save image as

One thought on “Last Minute Gift Idea!”

  1. I love the idea! I wish I had seen this earlier. That's my fault for burying my head in the sand these last few weeks. I'll try that next year.

    Love you, and Merry Christmas.


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