7 thoughts on “Thursday’s things in a Row…”

  1. I want one of these. Having been down in ’39, I remember cars like these. My first car was long before these…a Plymouth 2 door with a split windshield. It got me to junior college for two years with only one flat tire. In my next life I want to be a car person that restores old and forgotten cars. Mr. Linky would not let me post my homemade “quilts in a row” so I am including the address in my comments. genie


  2. I like your old car find, Lil. I also appreciate the way they are lined up, very likely the 58 Chevy (front) parked first, followed by the 60's Caddy, and then the 70's or 80's car that I can't tell what it is.

    Happy March One to you too, Lil!


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