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She traded in her broom for a stick horse

Happy Halloween!

“Brooms are so outdated” Artemisia Wormhollow was quoted in her interview to the Samhain Quarterly. Artemisia age 19, has been attracting a lot of attention as she rides her bewitched stick horse back and forth to the university every evening. “Everybody I know has one [a broom]”, she continues, “But I’m the only one with a flying stick horse!”

Artemisia and her flying stick horse is a Halloween card, reproduced from my original colored pencil Illustration.   You can find her at my Etsy store: FlyingAppyStudio.etsy.com and at LilsGarden.etsy.com

Lady Saphiranel

 Did I mention that my daughter is an artist too? 
She has inherited the talent that my mom and grandmother has passed down to me and my sisters. 
This is her latest project for art class in school.
She allowed me to record her progress and share it with you.

Lady Saphiranel
plotting and beginning colors
(all her work is freehand)
filling out the dress


she used colored pencil, watercolor on a paper board
My other kids are artist too but have sadly put it away for jobs and other things.  
This is a school art project that my son did in high school a while back.
he’s a good abstract and technical artist