Wild Penstemon & Spiderwort

Today on our usual drive through Starved Rock
(to see the flooding~ again), 
we see these white and purple flowers along the roadside…
Upon closer inspection, I’m surprised to see this familiar Spiderwort!
And this is Penstemon~ botanical name for the wild species unknown to me as of yet….

3 thoughts on “Wild Penstemon & Spiderwort”

  1. Hi Lil,
    I knew spiderwort grew wild, but I have never seen it in the wild. I just noticed today that mine was blooming.

    Thank you for following me. I am looking forward to seeing more of your blog.


  2. Well, I see you've met Zoey! She and I go way back on the blogsphere! If you're driving around, why didn't you come get your buddy??? He's sitting here, in front of my house, waiting for you to pick him up!
    See ya tomorrow…


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