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Blue Sky, Buds & Buzzards (signs of spring)

Half Moon through the Silver Maple Flowers
Silver Maple flowers opening up
Like the Capistrano swallows, Turkey Buzzards show up around the same time every spring.

Fire Through the Corn

The sun setting at the end of the first day of September. There was a tornado warning this evening, so what do we do? Take off in the truck to take pictures. The sirens were going off as I took these.
We saw a bit of the funnel cloud (off to the left of this picture) just as it was dissipating.
Unfortunately I didn’t get a good shot of it. The storm broke up shortly after and as of this post, I haven’t heard of any damage.

You can just see a bit of the wall cloud at the bottom center of this picture and at the top was a swarm of dragonflies.