Lavender stick horse heads on Esty

Lavender, Lavender, oh sweet Lavender… 
wont you take her home?
Meet Lavender. 
One of the many stick horse heads 
I love to create and sell on Etsy
(the last two I sold are headed to 
Australia to become Aussie Ponies!)
Each horse comes to life on an old 1960’s Singer sewing machine that resides on my dining room table.
 We picked it up at a garage sale in Bloomington IL  
for $25 a few years back, 
gave it a little oil and it’s run like a dream ever since 
(this is my second old Singer. 
My first one is the same age but bigger 
with duel embroidery cams and a whole box of attachments ~ 
the one above has just one cam and fits better on the table). 
It had a cabinet, but I like to spread out when I sew 
and the dining room table had more room.
Anyway, I’ve always loved horses, and when my daughter wanted a stick horse (long, long, looong time ago…), instead of going out to buy her one- I decided to design and make her a special one. What I came up with was a black and white pinto with appliqued spots ~ which she still has. 
it’s a little smudged now but it’s held up really well.  
Click below to see the original horse and read my first post about my horse heads
I’m happy I get to share these with you, and it really makes me happy to know that I’m making a whole new generation of girls horse crazy like me! 😉

One thought on “Lavender stick horse heads on Esty”

  1. I love this pony. And my goodness, an old Singer. Kind of reminds me of that old Necco I had that you girls did all that sewing on. It finally died three years ago.

    Great job, and good on ya, Aussie Ponies.


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