Bonsai! ~ sort of…..

You may remember in a previous post that I showed you this Red Japanese Maple in a nursery container.
Well, I decided to keep it in a pot until I can find the perfect place to plant it.
I found this really cool pot that is made from resin, fiberglass and rock dust. 
Not exactly a Bonsai container but I think it suites the tree.

3 thoughts on “Bonsai! ~ sort of…..”

  1. Hi Lil,
    I love those Red Japanese Maples. I have been eyeing them up all summer. So far I have not bought one, but I sure would like to.

    I hope yours grows nicely in its new home.


  2. Hey, I never said I didn't have room for more perennials… just trees. 🙂 and yes, it 'is' pretty isn't it? Thanks Sissy! 🙂

    Thanks Zoey, I hope this one recovers, it had a rough start this year.


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