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The Shoe Tree

Deep in the land of Corn and Beans
where Route 23 ends
Stands an Enchanted tree… 
of Wishes and Dreams…
Bring your old shoes and tie the lace
stand beneath and close your eyes…
make a wish and keep a smile on your face…
and throw to the skies…
by Lillian Davis

Bonsai! ~ sort of…..

You may remember in a previous post that I showed you this Red Japanese Maple in a nursery container.
Well, I decided to keep it in a pot until I can find the perfect place to plant it.
I found this really cool pot that is made from resin, fiberglass and rock dust. 
Not exactly a Bonsai container but I think it suites the tree.

Bee Tree in Bloom


My Little Leaf Linden tree (aka Bee Tree, Basswood or otherwise known as Tilia cordata)
is in full bloom today and smells just like honeysuckle! My Husband and I just love this tree! 
It was a Wal-Mart rescue about ten years ago, and I had brought it home in the back of my van.
It is now over twenty five feet tall!

One of my favorite trees!