Granny’s Garden

My grandmother has the most beautiful shade garden. This was early March, so not every thing was in full swing yet. She lived in North West Oregon, Near Portland. I got the opportunity to visit it one last time.

can you spot the kitty in the background?
The trees are soooo tall here

 The Theme is moss here, actually it was everywhere, even on the street curbs.

there is rock hiding under all this moss

For all  my Midwestern friends, THIS is what a Rhododendron is supposed to look like!

4 thoughts on “Granny’s Garden”

  1. I have never seen such exquisite moss that is so thick and abundant as on these beautiful photo's. The conditions are obviously just perfect. I remember reading a desperate bloggers letter on one of the blogs saying she was continuously pouring yogurt on her 2 stone griffins which were in front of the entrance of her house and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get moss to grown on them.
    I love your horses, have you ever made unicorn horses? I bet they would be too beautiful.
    I'm busy making owl and fox felt padded cell phone covers for my kids Tracfone LG800G smart phones. I don't want the touch screens scratched as they cost me $49.99 and their 40 minutes/month ea. only cost me $5.99, must say that's super cheap.
    I find these felt covers so easy to make and I don't use a sewing machine, the stitching shows in bright colors so even youngsters can have fun making them in the weekends.


  2. What a beautiful garden! When we visit the Northwest, I am always amazed at how moss covers everything!

    FYI – I could NOT find the kitty! Where was it in the photo?


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