Francis and Mary (Today’s Thursdays Things in a Row)

Today’s rows come from my garden center where I work.

we are setting up for the season now

Visit Pat for her fun things in a row! Don’t forget to check out the other links at the end of her post!

Click here for more pics of my garden center!

2 thoughts on “Francis and Mary (Today’s Thursdays Things in a Row)”

  1. They appear to be waiting very patiently for someone to give them a garden home so they can watch over beautiful flowers. It looks like you are getting spring rains like we are.


  2. A neat picture for things in a row, Lil. Right away those souls standing waiting for a call weminded me of the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors. Do you have any imitations of these?
    I love 'fairy gardens' and if I had a garden there would be fairies galore in it.


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