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Downtime at the Garden Center, Robin’s nest update…

Rain is forecasted today and all the Garden Center customers have scattered leaving us with a little time to breath. The mad rush to get the vegetable plants and other garden supplies has come to all but a screeching halt.
Our new mascot, now known as the GC Robin, is also enjoying the extra peace and quiet. We’ve moved most of the flower baskets out of the greenhouse, leaving her’s with a note attached that the basket is occupied and is not for sale.

GC Robin, keeping a wary eye on me

It’s a little tricky keeping her Fuchsia alive though. I’m able to keep it watered by trickling the hose into the side of the basket without getting the nest wet. Of course this pisses her off and she yells at me, but soon gets over it.

Tomato aisle- customer free
Josh hamming it up for the camera

Garden Center Robin Strikes Again!

This time in an expensive hanging fuchsia! This year it’s been a battle to keep this one robin from building nests in the plants. I lost this round! 
Her first nest was in a plant tray full of Irises. 
Don’t worry, once she’s laid the eggs, we leave her alone. She manages to raise three broods a year during our four month season.

Longing for Spring to Begin

It’s snowing again, but rather than post another picture of the “White Stuff”, I’m going to go back to a happier time.
I was digging through my pictures and found these of ‘My’ Garden Center in April of 2012.
I call it My garden center, because I run it. It actually belongs to the company I work for.
I’ve been with the company, going on 8 years now and this coming March will be my 8th garden center. Finding these pictures is giving me the itch to get back outside again.

angel from the front entrance display


Front entrance display~ spirea, azalea, rhododendron, geranium, viola, arborvitae & water features are always a big hit.


another shot with a Korean boxwood and candytuft iberis- can you find the frog statue?


a sea of early violas and pansies


Early shrubs, just leafing out. They come in as dormant twigs and it’s exciting to see them leaf out.


early yet for tomatoes, but they are well protected in the greenhouse


Francis and Mary (Today’s Thursdays Things in a Row)

Today’s rows come from my garden center where I work.

we are setting up for the season now

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Click here for more pics of my garden center!

Fun with Bricks, Plants & Mulch…. and a Photo Shoot?

For about four years running now, I’ve designed and built plant displays for the Garden Center I work at. 
2010’s design
Today, as I was leaving for the day, a nicely dressed gentleman came in to the garden center and asked if he could take a couple of pictures of my display.  He said he was trying to get ideas for his own garden. 
I didn’t see any harm in it so I said “Sure”…
Next thing I know, he whips out this big camera from it’s case~ one with all the lenses etc. and proceeds to shoot pictures.
Hmmm.  Wasn’t expecting that.
Made me wonder if he really did just want ideas or if he had an ulterior motive
and this was the only excuse he came up with…. who knows.
It’s not at all uncommon for us to see other companies walking around with little clipboards, jotting down our prices, but this was the first photo request I’ve ever had!
Should I be flattered?
Anyway, here are some photos of last years and this years designs.
I design them on the fly, not knowing what they are going to look like until I’m halfway done.
It’s a lot of fun, and even more fun filling them with lot’s of beautiful plants from my favorite greenhouse!
Before~ In front of the Sales Hut ~ 2010’s design

I love working with perennials more than anything~ so many interesting leaf colors and textures
Before ~ Main Display ~ 2010 Design
After ~ the theme was angels and woodland creatures last year!
Before ~ patio display ~ 2010 design
After ~ My fellow co-worker and friend planted this one ~ very nice!
This last set is this years designs but I didn’t have the plants available yet when I took these photos….
Main display is a little bigger and shorter then last year

The structure on this one tends to stay the same from year to year.
In the 2007 season, my first year, I had the opportunity to work with a Merchandiser who was also a landscaper. It is his designs that inspired mine~ though I could never come close to his expertise!
Here is some of his designs of that year!
Thanks Jeff!