New Faces in the Herd

Come and meet 6 new faces at Lil’s Garden!
They’re all ready for your own stick and a great adventure!

Honey Bee

 This is an updated version of the old Honey Bee. Sometimes a fabric for a favorite horse will become discontinued so I’ll let the listing slide until I find a new fabric. This one just grabbed me!


 A Hot Pink Zebra? Why not?  She’s so bright and vibrant!  I actually had this one planned for last fall but it got put on the back burner for our move.


 I love the fabric on this one. It reminds me of feathers. I had quite a few requests for green horses last year so I just had to oblige!

Fergus mac Róich

 Another green with a really fun pattern! Very earthy!


 I chose a light weight denim for this one. I think he turned out pretty well and he’ll be a little more durable than the cotton prints.


The Chestnut / Sorrel is another revamp. His old fabric is being discontinued so I found this suitable replacement fabric that I think looks a lot better.

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