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New Faces in the Herd

Come and meet 6 new faces at Lil’s Garden!
They’re all ready for your own stick and a great adventure!

Honey Bee

 This is an updated version of the old Honey Bee. Sometimes a fabric for a favorite horse will become discontinued so I’ll let the listing slide until I find a new fabric. This one just grabbed me!


 A Hot Pink Zebra? Why not?  She’s so bright and vibrant!  I actually had this one planned for last fall but it got put on the back burner for our move.


 I love the fabric on this one. It reminds me of feathers. I had quite a few requests for green horses last year so I just had to oblige!

Fergus mac Róich

 Another green with a really fun pattern! Very earthy!


 I chose a light weight denim for this one. I think he turned out pretty well and he’ll be a little more durable than the cotton prints.


The Chestnut / Sorrel is another revamp. His old fabric is being discontinued so I found this suitable replacement fabric that I think looks a lot better.

Flower Garden Ponies

Ever Watchful

 Flower Garden Ponies are a little known breed.  They tend to inhabit overgrown and untended backyard gardens, making their appearance when all is quiet. If you can sit very still and be very quiet, you may get lucky and catch a glimpse of a tiny herd in your own garden….
(It took a lot of hours in one spot and a little bit of cinnamon oatmeal to get these shots!)

Big Jump


Garden Gold

Into the Clearing

The Flower Garden Ponies are a set of five Greeting Cards Printed on Strathmore canvas card stock and comes with plain white envelopes and may be purchased at LilsGarden.etsy.com

Antique Embroidery Art

My old “hand embroidered” Triumph Motorcycle Jean Jacket
Original “OOAK” no pattern, no photo, 
just out of my head, a lot of embroidery thread
and tons of patience!
It took me over sixs weeks to do ~
20 years ago.
(I had painted a matching horse on my
’70 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle tank too
but sadly, I no longer have the bike).

Horse Head Tuesday!

Latest Additions
Christmas orders are getting started and I’m sewing horses almost every day now. 
Tuesdays are my most productive days (hence the title) as that is my day off from my 8:30-5 job.
I will spend almost the whole day sewing! 
(thank goodness my daughter Heather loves to cook otherwise we’d starve!)
Tuesdays are the days I usually add new colors to the lineup~ if I don’t have any orders for that day. 
I really love seeing a flat piece of fabric come alive into a new horse as I cut it out and put it together.
Then I get to name them am create a little bio for them.
The whole process is a lot of fun!
old faithful
And here is the magic horse machine!
It’s an old circa 1960’s Singer that I bought at a garage sale several years ago for a whooping $25.00! 
We keep it maintained and it runs smoothly (a little minor tweaking now and then).
I hope we can keep it going forever because nothing is built to last like these old machines! 
It still has metal gears inside.
I have a fetish for old sewing machines and pick them up whenever I find them…. 
You should see my collection ~ but that’s a whole other blog post!
I’d love to have you visit my Etsy shop!
or come see me at my FaceBook and leave a comment or two!