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Are We Sure it’s Spring?

The calendar says it’s spring. The weatherman keeps saying it’s spring. There are robins and turkey buzzards everywhere… so why did I freeze my butt off setting up the garden center today?
I don’t think it made it over 23 degrees today- and let’s not even mention the windchill!  And to think this time last year it was 80 degrees!
Okay Mother Nature, we get it. You are a master prankster. The best of the best! Now can we Please have our usual Spring?

While we are waiting, here’s a pretty Peony blossom from my old garden, in Warm Weather…

Oh Warmth, Where Did You Go?

From warm summer-like days for almost the entire month of March….
Back to 40 degrees and cold winds in April.

Mother Nature, I don’t mean to complain,
but isn’t this supposed to be the other way around?