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Another New Year is Here….

Last sunset of 2011

Another Year has come and gone, ~too fast for me it seems.
I gave up making new years resolutions long ago, as I never keep them, but instead strive to live every new day the best I can and be happy with who I am and that God has given me another day to touch the lives of those around me.

I’ve sent my third son, the Marine, back to California today, so he can continue training before his deployment to Afghanistan in the Spring. I really wish he didn’t have to go, but that is not my decision. He is comfortable with this, so I must be too, though I will fight it every step of the way. Only Prayer and Faith give me comfort now.

 “Winter work” now keeps me busy. The Horse making has slowed to orders for birthdays or just because~ Just enough to keep me in practice. And I have resumed painting and writing my books again, something I really enjoy~  a “great escape” if you may….

And with the arrival of the seed catalogs, the gears begin to change again. I am making lists of seeds I need to order, answering requests for special varieties and gathering growing supplies.
I will soon be busier than heck again~ but hey~ It keeps you young, right?

And as I close this post, I will ask all my family and friends for forgiveness in advance~ for my neglect in correspondence. As you are finding out, I am terrible at it…
I will try to be better…..

Happy New Year One and All!


Climbing Nasturtiums

In a wild corner of my yard grows a wonderful little annual.
I religiously order seeds from one of my favorite catalogs~
“Pinetree Garden Seeds”
they don’t actually cling or wrap around but just sort of grow along anything that will support them.  
I’ve had them reach close to twenty feet before the frost gets them here. 
The seed catalog recommends that if you are ever in Boston, you must visit the Gardner Museum “to see the single minded, eclectic collection, listen to the music and see the old fashioned nasturtium baskets trailing their vines some fifty feet to the ground.”
I have yet to try them in hanging baskets (I will someday, I keep telling myself), but for now I’m just happy to watch them scamper carefree through the wild places in my yard.