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Container Gardening for 2012

A favorite hobby of mine is seeing what I can grow in a pot, anywhere from little flowers to perennials, veggies and herbs, all the way up to shrubs roses and trees. Some things work, some things don’t, but that’s the fun of it.

Here’s some of this seasons projects…

Herbs in pots and tubs~ your standard basils, chives, rosemary, catnip, green onions peppermint, chocolate mint, camomile, sage, stevia, parsley-flat and curly, thyme got lost somewhere in there… no  pun intended (or maybe it was… ). Strawberries on the side are in their second year and I have them caged to keep the Devourer of Gardens‘ out of them. The hens and chicks and the blue spruce sedum are there because I thought they looked good in that spot.

close up of hens & chicks and blue spruce sedum (pink flowers belong to the spiderweb hens & chicks). This container is on it’s second year too.

Hosta in a pot. ‘Red October’ second year and doing beautifully.

Tiny Tim cherry tomato in a galvanized bucket (I grow these every year). It only gets 15″ tall and has 1″ size tomatoes on them. I’ll update this one later with the tomatoes. It’s one of my most popular tomato plants and I always run out fast.

Banana Peppers in a galvanized bucket. Just one of the many pepper plants I grow in a pot.
(The tree behind it is an Amur Maple I grew from seed-beautiful little tree that only gets 12′ high).

My favorite this year.
I planted Purple fountain grass, two purple potato vines and a white ‘Million Bells’ Calibrachoa in a garage sale plastic urn.
the window box is planted with a variety of romaine lettuces.

An assortment of flowers and herbs~ a Dwarf Korean Lilac, the Tiny Tim tomato in the middle, mandevilla vine, Pineapple sage, moss rose, variegated sedum, and blue spruce sedum starts.

“Wait Mom! There’s a leaf out of place on this sedum! I’ll fix it for you!”

Blooms & Barrels

As summer carries on…
the Daylillys are popping
Double Old Orange Lily ( Hemerocallis fulva )

 The label said Stella D’ Oro when I bought this lily, but it’s a little more orange than it should be
The Butterfly weed has finally bloomed
Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa)
 The Foxglove is Foxy
The Tick Seed is ticking
And the Arrowood has Berries
Arrowood Viburnum ( Viburnum dentatum )
 My Barrel ( container ) gardens are doing great too!
Catmint, Coreopsis, & Obedient plant ~ there is a barrel under there somewhere, Honest!

The herb gardens (notice the wire around the strawberries? Annie ate last years plants! Wire seems to be working!)

Purple Ruffles Basil from seed~ really easy, get soil wet, sprinkle seeds, lightly press in with fingers and don’t cover seeds. It needs light to germinate. If the soil is warm enough, Basil seed will swell and sprout within 24-48 hours!
And my Newest project! 
Red Japanese maple
Daisy Says~ 
“Don’t miss next week’s episode to find out what Mom does with the Maple!”

Container Gardening

As promised, here are some pics of my latest project.
I have been growing Herbs, Veggies and a few Perennials in a container for a few years now, and love it.
You’ll have to excuse the weeds. I’ve been very busy this year and have neglected my “home” garden


Left is Four Banana Peppers & Right is one Martino’s Roma Tomato (I love using galvanized buckets)
My Hens and Chicks Container with a little “Blue Spruce” Sedum tucked in the center….
Did you know Hens & Chicks flower? I’ve had a few flower on me before.
Here’s an update on the “White & Fuzzy” washtub in an earlier post.