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Above the Waterfall

Standing on the bridge, leaning over the railing, looking 50+ feet down.
Almost at the bottom, looking up at the bridge.

Today was the coldest day we’ve had all winter, hovering just above the teens with a windchill. Brrrr!
Good day for a drive!
Our travels today found Steve and I at a tiny lake hidden in the woods behind a golf course at the back end of Matheson State Park, IL. The lake is called Matheson Lake (what else but?)
At the end of the lake we saw a very large old bridge peeking through the trees. We had to go look because we have this love for all things old!
Anyway, we discovered the bridge spanned a spillway at the head of a deep canyon~ very typical of our other Illinois canyons, the soft sandstone being carved away by thousands of years of flowing water. Very pretty and serene, even in the dead of winter. We will have to come back in the spring when everything is starting to grow again.

Across the Bridge
Refection at the Bottom

Ponies from the Past

guess what I got in the mail today!
Oh my Gosh! I compleatly forgot about these guys!
My sister sent me these stick horses that my grandmother had saved for us. 
They were very well used, believe me!
I remember galloping up and down the sidewalk in front of my grandmother’s house in Hawaii, wearing my rubber boots while I rode because they made that perfect ‘clomping’ sound 
that to me sounded just like a horse. 
Thanks for the memory Sis!