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Winter Birds of the New Year

Here is it January of 2015 already. Where did the year go?
Actually I’m glad to see last year go. It started out okay but ended pretty lousy. I was hollering for a do over towards the end there, but now I’ll just opt for a fresh start.
Now here we are, a fresh snow and good ole bitter cold to go with it. For a little while there I thought Mother Nature was going to take it easy on us this winter. I was enjoying the temps in 40’s, especially over Christmas- but alas, we do live in Illinois!

Morning after last night’s storm- about 6 inches of powder snow


seeing double- pair of chickadees


a Cold Mourning Dove


Blue Jay


Black Capped Chickadees


Mourning Doves


House Finch


Downy Woodpecker


Whole Lotta Blowin’ and a Snowin’

Welcome January, welcome 2014, welcome winter storm Ion….
Didn’t we do this last year?

It’s pretty to look at, out the window, while inside my warm living room with a hot cup of coffee in my hands, but alas, as this little Junco was trying to tell me, the bird feeders weren’t going to refill themselves (I think he was tired of eating the thistle and wanted his sunflower seeds).
Okay, Hubby and I had to dig out the walk and driveway anyway, so I might as well take my camera out before we got started.


I took the Labs out with me and Daisy, being the fun loving dog she is, took off like a shot, racing around the yard like a crazy fool.
Annie on the other hand, wanted no part of the cold and snow and wanted back in right away. I don’t blame the old girl.

can I come in now?


super dog!
After filling the feeders and getting a boot full of snow, Hubby joined me and we took a little walk to enjoy the winter wonderland, taking hyper dog with us.
are we going for a walk?

It was short walk. The road was un-plowed and the snow deep. Not to mention the wind was cold and howling, blowing the snow in our faces. We only made it about a quarter of the way down the road before turning back. Hibernating sounded more fun than freezing in the wind.

The snow was a foot deep on South Saddler rd
snow was heavy in the trees but blowing out quickly
Back home


We hurried up and cleaned off the cars and shoveled out the drive then spent the rest of the afternoon in the warm house
after a slice down the drive with the snow blower

Yep, the snow was pretty, but I’m soooo ready for spring, especially when the forecast calls for -10 for the high tomorrow!
Happy winter everyone and I hope your new year is a good one!

Another New Year is Here….

Last sunset of 2011

Another Year has come and gone, ~too fast for me it seems.
I gave up making new years resolutions long ago, as I never keep them, but instead strive to live every new day the best I can and be happy with who I am and that God has given me another day to touch the lives of those around me.

I’ve sent my third son, the Marine, back to California today, so he can continue training before his deployment to Afghanistan in the Spring. I really wish he didn’t have to go, but that is not my decision. He is comfortable with this, so I must be too, though I will fight it every step of the way. Only Prayer and Faith give me comfort now.

 “Winter work” now keeps me busy. The Horse making has slowed to orders for birthdays or just because~ Just enough to keep me in practice. And I have resumed painting and writing my books again, something I really enjoy~  a “great escape” if you may….

And with the arrival of the seed catalogs, the gears begin to change again. I am making lists of seeds I need to order, answering requests for special varieties and gathering growing supplies.
I will soon be busier than heck again~ but hey~ It keeps you young, right?

And as I close this post, I will ask all my family and friends for forgiveness in advance~ for my neglect in correspondence. As you are finding out, I am terrible at it…
I will try to be better…..

Happy New Year One and All!