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Perennial Project

 I have a galvanized washtub by my front steps 
that I have been planting with annual flowers for nearly eight years.
While I like the instant color of the annuals, 
it’s the textures and colors of the perennials that I really love!
So this year I’m doing something a little different.

 A white & fuzzy theme garden.
 I gathered some of my favorite “white and fuzzy” plants
from my favorite garden center (supplied by my favorite green house)!
top left to right~ Snow in Summer, Yarrow
bottom left to right~ Wormwood, Silver Mound, and two Lamb’s Ears.

Next I get my tub ready…
I’m reusing the soil~ emptying out a few shovel fulls of old
and replacing with composted manure, with about a cup of dry, organic fertilizer~ 
then mixed well with a few turns of the shovel.
I then arranged the plants with tall in the back and short in front.
It looks a little open and sparse right now, but hopefully it will be full 
and overflowing the sides by end of summer!
I’ll have an update photo in a few weeks for you