January Birch

January 6th and still no significant snow. Temperature was 55 ~ I actually left my coat behind today.
I really don’t mind. I got to go outside and mess around in my garden a little~ picked some kale and looked at my new perennial bed. The lavender and wormwood are still looking good and the penstemon seems impervious to the little cold spurts and frosts we did have. My butterfly bush still has green leaves on it! I do live in North Central Illinois right? Average January temps around 10 ~ 20 degrees…  with windchill….

One thought on “January Birch”

  1. Today I was out looking at the trees and actually noticed some are swelling. I do love a nice birch, Lil. I piled some rough compost on the Linden, this afternoon and thought about you and how kind you were to save it for me. I surely hope it survives the winter and the abuse the Jap Beetles and deer have given it.
    My butterfly bush has silver leaves on it, but the plant of the year must be the Beaconfield Pansy; I surely hope they grow it next year. I will be happy to drive to Ottawa to pick up a flat!


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