Thursday’s Things in a Row

A few blogs I’ve been following have been doing this “Thursday’s, things in a row” post every week. It looked fun and I found a past pic that could qualify.
(Thursdays in a row starts here )
Hibernating John Deeres

5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Things in a Row”

  1. Lil, I love your John Deere combines in a row. 🙂
    There is hundreds of thousands of dollars invested.
    I hope you continue the Thursday Row meme. You'd
    be surprised how quick the 'row pictures' add up.


  2. Cool shot! Welcome aboard! I know EXACTLY where Ottawa is! We camp at Hickory Hollow in Utica during the summer months! I posted about Ottawa awhile back. Small world!


  3. Thanks Gail & Jim!
    The JD's are from a dealer in Morris where my Hubby works as a mechanic. He gets to fix these babies and lots of other goodies.
    Pat,thanks and yes, Very small world! I know where Hickory Hollow is, right next to Grand Bear where two of my kids work~ we are by there almost every weekend, while passing through Starved Rock~ a source of many of my posts!
    Thanks for the welcome!


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