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Happier Than a Pig in ………

This is Steve, my hubby. He’s a John Deere mechanic. He loves to fix things. And being a mechanic who loves to fix things, he has acquired over the past 30 years quite an assortment of “fixer up” lawn mowers. He has a different lawn mower for every week of the month ( I even have my own lawn mower).
Now, here’s the dilemma he had. At our old house, we had a little tiny yard (most of it, ahem, garden) and it took about 5 whole minutes to cut the lawn.
You see, this mechanic also loves to cut grass. He loves it so much he would offer to cut the neighbors grass when he was done with our yard and then the vacant house’s grass across the street.
So when we moved into our new house, with it’s huge yard, well, you can probably imagine the joy he was feeling.
It now takes him over an hour on the rider to mow his lawn and swear I saw him grinning the whole time.
Happy Mowing Dear!
(…and after this shot, I looked out the window to see him cutting the neighbors strip of lawn across the street!)