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Another hike through Matthiessen

 Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a place such as this exsists in the middle of flat prarrie and corn fields. 
 headed down (the ultimate workout!)
 shallow water

 spanning the canyon
 crack in the wall
(it was so humid that the lens on my camera fogged up)
Matthiessen State Park, Utica, IL


Favorite Hikes: Tonti Canyon Starved Rock State Park, Utica, IL

I came across some older pics of one of our family hikes in Starved Rock State Park.
There are so many canyons, as hard as we try, we have yet to traverse them all. 
This is the head of the trail, leading to Owl, LaSalle, and Tonti Canyons.
Heading down
If I remember right, we counted over 200 steps
Entering Tonti
Waterfall in bright light
inside the canyon
where the walls meet
from the bottom up
looking out
I am always excited to get home and download the pictures and see what came out. The lighting and the images are always amazing!

Mule drawn barge on the I&M canal

This is an actual size replica of the barges that were used to ship goods along the I&M canal- although this one was modified to carry passengers instead of freight. 
Normally there is a mule pulling the barge from the trail beside the canal with a tow rope, but by the time we arrived, he was taking a break and they were using a motor.  
turning into the dock
Being shored up
here’s a link to the history of the Illinois & Michigan shipping canals: