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Rising Waters

A little creek by my house that feeds into the Illinois River, usually not this high- They closed the road shortly after this shot.
We were fortunate. We were high enough above the Illinois river in our part of Morris. But for those in Marseilles, Seneca, and Ottawa who lost everything,  may God Bless them with strength and courage as they recover from their loses. And God bless the angels who donated their time and services to the flood victims. Your reward will be great!

More Flooding On the Illinois & Fox Rivers

We’ve had a lot of rain to go along with
our long, cool spring and once again,
our rivers are rising!
( We got another 2 inches of rain right after these shots! )
Junction of Fox and Illinois Rivers, Looking East

Veterans Memorial Bridge (RT.23) connecting Ottawa’s North Side to Ottawa’s South Side.

Looking across the water to Allen Park in Ottawa, IL The water is halfway across the Park.
This years flooding is minor compared to what we had in 2008. This light post is the same light post in the picture below (it’s on the boat docks under the same bridge in the second picture ).  Normally it stands above the water.
I think the water was a little deeper in 2008…. What do you think?   I had to stand on a nearby hill to get this shot because of the height of the water!

Apples and Cabbage (more signs of Spring in Starved Rock)

Commonly called mayapple~  Podophyllum peltatum,
cover parts of the wooded areas.
the Skunk Cabbage here~  Symplocarpus foetidus, is a rather foul smelling plant that love wet areas.
 And the final sign that Spring has arrived in Starved Rock…..

Under water yet again….

Starved Rock State Park is closed today, 
for obvious reasons. 

This is the parking lot for the visitors center.

and this is the entrance to the picnic areas the next day (Sunday, Nov. 1). 
The water is a little higher than yesterday, but the river crested over night and is now going down.
This time around wasn’t nearly as bad as last year.