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Sunday Driving

This Sunday our drive took us north for a visit with a good friend.
The day was bright and beautiful. 
Sunny blue sky dotted with lazy summer clouds. 
Not too hot and not too cool.
Just a perfect day.
Central Illinios is typically a flat place, full of corn and soybeans
With a few rolling hills here and there, just to keep it interesting.
We drove most of the way on 251, a nice stretch of highway that used to be a main north and south route before interstate 39 was built.
 Anyway, besides the endless sea of corn and beans,
There is also the wind farms
dotting the landscape here and there

We didn’t stop and stand under any this time. It was enough to just look at them today

Apples and Cabbage (more signs of Spring in Starved Rock)

Commonly called mayapple~  Podophyllum peltatum,
cover parts of the wooded areas.
the Skunk Cabbage here~  Symplocarpus foetidus, is a rather foul smelling plant that love wet areas.
 And the final sign that Spring has arrived in Starved Rock…..

Sunday Driving (on a Saturday)

 Every other weekend Steve and I take a drive through the Park or out on the country roads to unwind from the week.
(Last years Prairie grasses on the outskirts of Starved Rock State Park)
 (Back roads North west of Ottawa)
While on our drive, off in the distance we see this black cloud over a house.
(Of course I didn’t get a picture of that!)
As we got closer, we realized it was starling and grackles.
Thousands of them!
So many that the trees looked as though they had black leaves.
These pictures don’t do it justice~ they were behind us, over us~ litteraly all around us!
We both kept thinking about that old Hitchcock movie…