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Halloween Hoots

My daughter made us some Owl cupcakes the other night. They are almost too cute to eat- but we are getting over that. They are delicious!

She made the chocolate cupcakes from scratch but all you need are:

Enough frosted cupcakes to make everybody happy
fall colored M&M’s

Just split your Oreos, place two on cupcakes, add M&M’s in the right places and cut the left over top part of the Oreo in two and place as eyebrows.
Easy Peasy!  

Up Close and Personal

And the growing continues…..
(I was too lazy to add the botanical names this time around so if ya know ’em, shout them out!
Lilly of the Valley

My D and J’s Annabelle Hydrangea and a “gift” fern (ostrich?) .

Variegated Hosta

Wild Violets

Bitter Sweet Vine w/flower buds

Persian Lilac finally popped (mmm, smells good!)

More Lilly of the Valley and Vinca Minor

Chris’s White Pine

Little decorative bird house I painted on arbor

Penstemon digitalis ‘Husker Red’

Amur Maple with buds

“I can’t remember the name of this one” Hosta

Francis William (I’ve always wanted and finally got one!) Hosta

Columbine, ‘Grandma’s Bonnet’, getting ready to bloom

new leaf swirl, on same Columbine

new Columbine bud on (unknown as of yet) volunteer seedling

Cat Mint

Hey Sissy, this was sold as an accent plant in a Patio Pot a while back~ It’s a Weed!

Volunteer BeeBalm (Monarda) in “said weed”

more wild Violets

Last years Coneflower seed head after the finches picked at it.

another one

Cobweb Houseleek, Spider Web Hens and Chicks
Sempervivum arachnoideum~ not planted yet

Resin Owl in “theme pot”
dada dada dada dada~ Bat Chime!

Favorite Hikes: Tonti Canyon Starved Rock State Park, Utica, IL

I came across some older pics of one of our family hikes in Starved Rock State Park.
There are so many canyons, as hard as we try, we have yet to traverse them all. 
This is the head of the trail, leading to Owl, LaSalle, and Tonti Canyons.
Heading down
If I remember right, we counted over 200 steps
Entering Tonti
Waterfall in bright light
inside the canyon
where the walls meet
from the bottom up
looking out
I am always excited to get home and download the pictures and see what came out. The lighting and the images are always amazing!