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Flower Garden Ponies

Ever Watchful

 Flower Garden Ponies are a little known breed.  They tend to inhabit overgrown and untended backyard gardens, making their appearance when all is quiet. If you can sit very still and be very quiet, you may get lucky and catch a glimpse of a tiny herd in your own garden….
(It took a lot of hours in one spot and a little bit of cinnamon oatmeal to get these shots!)

Big Jump


Garden Gold

Into the Clearing

The Flower Garden Ponies are a set of five Greeting Cards Printed on Strathmore canvas card stock and comes with plain white envelopes and may be purchased at LilsGarden.etsy.com

Roses or Candy for Valentines?

How about a Stick Horse?

Meet the newest member of my herd.
Chérie, (think French here!) is for Valentines Day. 
I fell in love with this cute hearts and glitter fabric at Hobby Lobby and after a turn on my sewing machine, this is what came out! Not meaning to brag, but I think she turned out pretty cute!
I only got enough fabric to make four and once they are gone, I wont be able to make anymore until the next holiday~ and by then the design may be different, depending  on the availability of the fabric.
If you’d like to check her out and the rest of the herd, go to www.LilsGarden.etsy.com

Lizzy House 1001 Peeps

I love doing custom Orders!
My customer chose her own fabrics.
I think they turned out really cute.
Fabric courtesy  of:
The above title is the name of the fabric 
just in case you were wondering…
it’s an Aladdin’s lamp theme

Meet Rusty & Rosey

The two newest ponies in my garden!

Rusty and Rosey are made with a
medium blue Faux Denim print, cotton fabric. 
Rusty with Hot Red mane and Rosey with a soft Pink. 
The idea came to me while hanging Jeans
in the department where I work,
to make a matching pair of denim horses
that would be great for a brother or sister.
Of course they’d have to be a little different
to personalize them for a girl or boy.
I’ve listed them separately so they don’t
have to be bought as a pair 
but they can still be purchased together if needed.
You can find the twins at: 
Happy Trails!