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A Rose Remembered

Jeanne La Joie

My favorite little rose. Jeanne La Joie is a nice hardy, miniature climbing rose. 
She blooms all summer, with at least two major flushes, first in early summer and the second late summer/early fall, with sporadic blooms in between, up until freezing weather hits. 
With our mild temps through most of fall and into winter, I had blooms up until early December! 
She is a good little climber for Zones 5a – 10b.and grows anywhere from 4 – 10 feet tall.

It just keeps blooming

My yellow sunset climbing rose refuses to believe winter is coming 
and continues to produce bloom after bloom.
complete with bee fly
I think it really loves the cooler weather.
My Armur Maple on the other hand, 
turned briliant red and dropped it’s leaves at the first hint of fall! 
I love its color!

Lazy Sunday

I’m going to be lazy today and just post some blooms and plants without too many comments. 
We finally got the rain we were waiting for
and it has cooled off a bit, 
so rather than sit here and do a lot of writing, 
I’m going to go out and enjoy the rest of the day….
Self sown Echinacea or Coneflower

Blackberry Lily finally bloomed

 More self sown coneflowers ( I’ve got these everywhere)

Diablo Ninebark ~ Physocarpus opulifolius ~ newer leaves on stem tips

older leaves

Gazania Daisy

Blanket Flower ~ Gaillardia

new buds on blanket flower

Portulaca grandiflora

Honeysuckle reblooming ~ Dropmore Scarlet

 Wormwood ~ Artemisia absinthum


Lambs ear doing well

second round on the Kmart rose
Wha’cha doing mom?

White roses, Green tomatoes & an Uncooperative Chickadee

Last month I ‘rescued” a miniature white rose from my IGA store. You know, the little roses you find sitting among assorted house plants and such in the grocery store’s floral section. 
This little rose was sitting there all by it’s self, looking lonely, and loosing it’s blooms for lack of light~ 
so of course I had to take it home.
(Yes, this is an addiction….  and when they come out with the TV show, “Plant Hoarders Intervention”, I will probably be one of the featured guests!)
 Anyway, I gave it a new home with lots of organic compost and plenty of sunshine. 
It really loved this and was quickly covered in new growth and fat little buds!
Isn’t it pretty?
And, I finally have green tomatoes! Yay!
I got my garden in late so I’m very happy to see these now. 
There’s nothing better than a garden grown tomato! These are Rutgers.
And last, my garden has been made home by a family of Chickadees this year!
I’ve been trying to get pictures forever of these quick little guys 
but by the time I snap the picture, they’re off and flying again!
This is one of the babies and he’s not afraid of me at all. 
He’ll sit on the feeders right next to me as I work in the garden! 
He just didn’t want to hold still for the camera!

Hot Weather and Yellow Roses!

Today summer came back and with a vengeance! 
It was somewhere in the 90’s today with lots of humidity. 
So, you would think after a long day of working out in this, the last thing I would want to do is be outside!
Nope, not me! 
When I got home today, and after unloading my new bounty from the Garden Center (yes, it’s an addiction!)
I did a quick tour of my garden and saw my yellow climbing rose was blooming! 
Her name is Golden Sunset and she has a glorious honeysuckle like scent!

This is my favorite rose of all time~ and yes, she’s a mail order girl! Jung’s Seeds about six or seven years ago. She’s hardy to Zone 4 and disease resistant.

She gets around 12 feet tall but right now she’s a little sprawled out.
A few other things were blooming as well!
My Gift Peony

These were given to me by my neighbor who’s friend dug out a Peony hedge from her yard about ten years ago.  Nobody knew the variety but oh do they have the sweetest scent!

My Huskers Red Penstemon finally boomed.

Pretty little flowers remind me of foxglove…..
and my little fern… 
My Japanese painted fern has seen better days. It’s not as full this year. I might have to move it.
and my new D&J’s Fuchsia
I’m going to start him in a ceramic pot on the deck

and work my way up to a hanging basket