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White roses, Green tomatoes & an Uncooperative Chickadee

Last month I ‘rescued” a miniature white rose from my IGA store. You know, the little roses you find sitting among assorted house plants and such in the grocery store’s floral section. 
This little rose was sitting there all by it’s self, looking lonely, and loosing it’s blooms for lack of light~ 
so of course I had to take it home.
(Yes, this is an addiction….  and when they come out with the TV show, “Plant Hoarders Intervention”, I will probably be one of the featured guests!)
 Anyway, I gave it a new home with lots of organic compost and plenty of sunshine. 
It really loved this and was quickly covered in new growth and fat little buds!
Isn’t it pretty?
And, I finally have green tomatoes! Yay!
I got my garden in late so I’m very happy to see these now. 
There’s nothing better than a garden grown tomato! These are Rutgers.
And last, my garden has been made home by a family of Chickadees this year!
I’ve been trying to get pictures forever of these quick little guys 
but by the time I snap the picture, they’re off and flying again!
This is one of the babies and he’s not afraid of me at all. 
He’ll sit on the feeders right next to me as I work in the garden! 
He just didn’t want to hold still for the camera!

Sunday Driving (on a Saturday)

 Every other weekend Steve and I take a drive through the Park or out on the country roads to unwind from the week.
(Last years Prairie grasses on the outskirts of Starved Rock State Park)
 (Back roads North west of Ottawa)
While on our drive, off in the distance we see this black cloud over a house.
(Of course I didn’t get a picture of that!)
As we got closer, we realized it was starling and grackles.
Thousands of them!
So many that the trees looked as though they had black leaves.
These pictures don’t do it justice~ they were behind us, over us~ litteraly all around us!
We both kept thinking about that old Hitchcock movie…