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Are We Sure it’s Spring?

The calendar says it’s spring. The weatherman keeps saying it’s spring. There are robins and turkey buzzards everywhere… so why did I freeze my butt off setting up the garden center today?
I don’t think it made it over 23 degrees today- and let’s not even mention the windchill!  And to think this time last year it was 80 degrees!
Okay Mother Nature, we get it. You are a master prankster. The best of the best! Now can we Please have our usual Spring?

While we are waiting, here’s a pretty Peony blossom from my old garden, in Warm Weather…

Sweet Poison

Convallaria majalis

Lily of the Valley,
A wonderful ground cover for shady places. Sweet smelling flowers in early spring that turn into poisonous red berries. Plant this invasive little beauty where you can keep it under control and out of the way of curious children and pets.